Voltron Legendary Defender

Page updated on February 3, 2017 (Australian EST)

List of Fanart and FanFiction based on Voltron version from Dreamworks Animation released through Netflix on June 2016.

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Featured Artwork:


Keith and Allura by skybluedays  (2016)


AlluraMC – Allura   KeithandAllura   Allura    KeithandAllura  *new*

Amanda – KeithandAllura 

amiyakom – Allura

AnaRuii – Allura

anna – Allura  

AriamJam – KeithandAllura *new*

athenastrangeart – Allura

Autumn-Sacura – KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura  

bb-bullets – KeithandAllura    Allura

bastianfaulk – Allura

bernardine guimary  – KeithandAllura

brandipandii – Allura

cheetoy – Keith    KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura    Keith   KeithandAllura

KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura 

cynswinn – Allura

DB – Allura  Keith

daggerstarjalactic – Allura

Dana Franklin – Keith   

Danika Sanchez – KeithandAllura    

Desirae – Allura

Donyell Gaskins – Keith

drawing_just –  Keith  and  Allura    Keith

eat s and – Allura

Flynn’s Playground – Keith and Allura *newly listed*

hkasof – Keith

imhenry66 – KeithandAllura *newly listed*

It’s FALKE! – Allura and Keith *newly listed*

Jackie Santiago – Allura   

Julie Mich – Allura

jvvvk – Allura  and  Keith

KeezyBees – Keith  and  Allura

kylebaerlocher – Keith

laurbits – Keith and  Allura    Keith   

limesmoothie – Keith  and  Allura

lorna_ka – Allura

LucasBoltagon – Allura

Mark Clark II – Allura

Matt Frank – Allura

M!KA – KeithandAllura     Allura   KeithandAllura

Melyssa Denton – Allura

Neptune47 – KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura   KeithandAllura  KeithandAllura


Natalia – Allura

nikadonna –  Keith  Allura  Allura  Keith   *newly listed*

Nilah Magruder – Allura

Phalangieee – KeithandAllura

pkunMei – Keith and Allura 

pkyrachu –  Keith and Allura

ros – KeithandAllura  KeithandAllura    *newly listed*

Sarah Talbot – Allura     

scarlettecosplay – Allura  

sjdoodlez – Allura  

sociopathiclenny – Keith

Sofia Alexander – Allura *newly listed*

taffydesu –  Keith  and  Allura

twintailmonkey – Keith

xdarkhikarix – Keith and Allura *newly listed*

vaynedraws – Keith

zzleigh – Allura


Pencil and ink sketches by cheetoy (2016):




Let us know if you have a Voltron Legendary Defender #KeithandAllura pairing FanFiction with an HEA (Happy-Ever-After) ending and we’ll weblink your Fanfiction

Animefreak5483 – Interrupted Moments  

Animefreak5483 – Left Behind

DChan87 – Much-Needed Motivation

KyokoUchiha – Kampfstil

Paulina Ann – Time Accounted For

Paulina Ann – Fit of Giggles

trekker4life – Care




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