Voltron Force KA Fanfiction

updated on April 13, 2016 (Australian EST)

List of Voltron Force Fanfiction is based on the 2011 Nicktoons cartoons
where Keith had no mullet and had gorgeous turquoise blue eyes;
and Allura had straight hair with beautiful green eyes.

VoltronForce - Black- 00mins50secs
Not everyone likes this KA version; others hate this Voltron 
version with much disdain.  (seriously?)
But in this blog, we love ALL HEA things #KeithAndAllura whatever version/

This page lists the steadily growing number of KA (CANON pairing) fanfiction 
based on this Voltron Force universe.


Titles Listed in Alphabetical Order
(more fanfics will be added to list regularly)
Please note that some writers have written 
more than one #KeithAndAllura fanfic. 
Please take time to 
explore, read and enjoy their other fanfics :D


After the War by nikeblue35 (2014, ongoing)

Arus Eyes by Ringhuiniele (2013)  

Beautiful by Nerdmom1701 (2014)

Consequences by amblewat (2014)

Corruption by amblewat (2014)

Conversations in the Hallway by hmrtaylor (2011)

Daniel’s Plan by WarzonePrez (2014)

Dark Angel Letters by FroofyB (2012)

Desired Consequences by Julie Horwitz (2013)

Evolution by amblewat (2014)

Fall Fanfic Challenge by DreamtimeDancer (2013)

Fifty Shades of Black by Xia Cheyenne (2012)

Great Chili Cook-off, The by lovecastle89 (2015) 

Groomzilla by cheetoy (2016) 

Heart Captured, A by Aryea (2014)

Hidden Within: Finding the Light by amblewat (2014, ongoing)

If That’s What Allura Wants by katalyna (2016) *new*

If the Lion is a’rockin’ by Xia Cheyenne (2016) *new*

Imzadi, The by Venus Starlights 07 (2014, ongoing)

In the Blue Paradise Wild by lovecastle89 (2015) 

Lap Dance by Limetwist (2013, ongoing)

Layers of a Fugitive by Aryea (2015, ongoing) 

Lighting the Spark by Nerdmom1701 (2014) 

Look Into My Heart, A  by blue7772011 (2012)

Mine by Katalyna (2014)

Nemesis Voltron by Venus Starlights 07 (2014, ongoing)

New Dawning for Arus and Lion Force, A  by FroofyB  (2016, ongoing) 

Otaku by Mako1 (2011)

Photograph by WarzonePrez (2013)

Princess and the Pilot, the by Aryea (2014)

Purling Through Space by cheetoy (2011)

Quixotic by BabyPrin (2013)

Spring by Limetwist (2014)

Tail of a Tooth, A  by Nerdmom1701 (2014)

To Catch a Kiss by Julie Horwitz (2013)

Voltron Force: Lion Force – Season 1 by WarzonePrez (2014)

Waiting for Now by Nerdmom1701 (2014)

Wanting It All by Nerdmom1701 (2016) *new*

Where No Princess Has Gone Before  by Xia Cheyenne (2014)


Fearless Arc

Bridging 80s Voltron and Voltron Force versions
by cubbieBlueMako / VFFearless / BlueMako 


1.  Fearless Part One – Revised Edition 2015

2.  Fearless Part Two (2013, ongoing)

3.  Keith and Allura’s First Valentine’s Day  (2013)

4.  Birthday, Dradin, Birthday by Blue Mako and Aligator4508 (2014)

5. Fearless Part Two and Three (as ficlets first drafts inside kaex yahoogroup)



–>Learning Curve 

–>Cafe / Coffee    Part1   Part 2

–>Christmas Mine

–>Role Player    

6.  Heal Thy Nexus (2014)

7.  Kogane : Prophecy and Legacy  (2013)

8.  Fractures in the Facade by chris (2013)

9.  Water Babies (2013)

10. Springing Back Home  (2013)

11. Pamper (2014)

12. Pearls (2013)

13. A Casual Conversation  (2013)

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