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Happy 1st Birthday Fan Blog

Almost completely forgetting that this blog turned one year old earlier this month, until a recent set of WordPress notifications reminded us about our blog stats:


Very happy to share that this little fan blog about a canon pair has been visited by at least forty countries throughout the year;  proof that #Voltron fans are all over the world.  And that is wonderful news for Voltron’s 30th Anniversary!


And to show our gratitude to our regular blog viewers and visitors, we would like to share an exclusive #KeithAndAllura gift art from Voltron / Robotech crossover comics artist Elmer Damaso.

2014-03-15 19.50.31

Looking forward to more happy journeys celebrating Voltron’s most loved couple #KeithAndAllura through fanfiction and fanart in all of Voltron‘s versions and reincarnations.


Today’s post is long overdue and as my way to make it up,  I write this post on her birthday (1st of March)

to a special #FanFiction writer and artist.

Happy Birthday Moira aka DreamtimeDancer on Fanfiction.Net  and  @DreamtimeDancer on Twitter.


The Voltron #KeithAndAllura fandom is very grateful and thankful for

creating / updating your fansite www.dreamtimedancer.com

which is a treasure trove of your fanfiction and fanart as well as others’ works.

Moira is one of the first few fanfiction KA writers who was able to write Keith and Allura in both 80’s Voltron universe as well as Voltron Force

Thank you so much for welcoming and supporting the newbies in the fandom!

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