Keith and Allura FanFiction


list updated as of March 7, 2017 (Australian EST)

Titles Listed in Alphabetical Order
(more items to be added to list regularly)
Please note that some writers have written 
more than one #KeithAndAllura fanfic. 
Please take time to 
explore, read and enjoy their other fanfics ūüėÄ

A Princess and Her Knight by Claire (1999)

An Unusual Kind of Fairy Tale by FinnX (2011)

Alliance is Dead, Long Live the Alliance, The by Desaix (2001)

Allura Rescues Keith by Sean Montgomery (2013)

Allura’s First Christmas by Arus (2009)

Alluring Darkness by ObsidianDreamer1 (2015, ongoing) *new chapters uploaded*

Arus Eyes by Ringhuiniele (2013) 

Awakening, The by Mylari (2014) 

Beautiful by Nerdmom1701 (2014)

Beginnings by Lillehafrue (2005)

Bonds of Love by KittyLynne (2007)

Changes by sunshineleo (2013)

Choices by BabyPrin (2002)

Confessions Under StarSpeckled Skies by wade wells (2011)

Conversations In The Hallway by Hmrtaylor (2011)

Conversation, the by animebookchic (2017) 

Counting the Ways by nikeblue35 (2014, ongoing) 

Dark Angel Letters by FroofyB (2012)

Debut, The by Malinkibelka (2011)

Dreams to Reality by animefreak5483 (2003)

Escapade, Dradin Style by selena.devargo (2014)

Evolution by amblewat (2014)

Finding Keith by Venus Starlights 07 (2014, ongoing) 

First Kiss by nishikaze (2003)

GoLion by bossy (2012, ongoing)

Guardian, The by KitlynneSkye (2014, ongoing)

Heliotrope by NancyBrown (2011)

I Put a Spell On You Part 1 by Mertz (2009)

I Put a Spell On You Part 2 by BlueSTL (2009)

In The End by KathDMD (2013)

Interlock 3: Circle In The Sand by Gojirob (2014, ongoing) 

Just Allura by LancesKitten (2005)

Just One Dance by lovecastle89 (2014) 

Just One Kiss by SmartyBear2 (2007)

Kampfstil  by KyokoUchiha (2016)

Keith, Her Teacher by autumnmissa (2015) 

Kiss, The by Sheila Bliss (2000) 

Knights and Ladies by Thistlerose (2009)

Last Chances by Rachel (20__)

Legend of Angel Falls, The by Drowningblonde (2013, ongoing)

Letting It Go by Katalyna (2013)

Lion’s Heart by Rapndash (2007)

Lion Knights of Arus, The by Aligator4508 (2013, ongoing)

Long Awaited Love Story, A  by Failte (2003)

Look Into My Heart, A by blue7772011 (2012)

Love’s Journey by scotty (20__)

Lunar Longings by RebelWolf (2013)

May I Have This Dance? by Adele (2004)

Midnight Interlude by Ms.MaraJade (2006)

Miracle by WindsweptZariel (2004)

Mistletoe and Valentines by Paulina Ann (2014)

Misunderstandings by Faux Fox (2015) 

My Valentine by Feli3 (2006)

Nanny’s Tale by Kristina Marie (2014)¬†

One Man’s Princess by Xia Cheyenne (2009)

One Night A Day by Dustin Riley (2002)

One Night With Allura by KiethBlackLion (2007)

Origins : A Legend Unfolds by Mertz (2011)

Otaku by Mako1 (2011)

Out In The Open by Lady1Venus (2002)

Photograph by WarzonePrez (2013)

Pirate Day by cubbieBlueMako (2014)

Princes of The Universe by Bellantara (2012)

Princess or Pilot?  by Sapphire5 (2014) 

Prolonging The Magic by Writer Unblocked

Purling Through Space by Cheetoy (2011)

Ray of Hope, A  by KittyLynne (2003)

Saralinda by Zejan (2000)

Scavenger Hunt by Ruby Moon-Snape (2015) 

School Days by Caroline (2015)

Search, The by cms (2010)

Season of Mists Interlude by Dark Empyrean (2009)

Serenity  by Cpt Kallan Beyda (2014)

Shall We Dance? by RedLion2 (2004)

Spring by Limetwist (2014)

Suitors, The  by  DreamtimeDancer (2003)

Sweet Dreams by Shoopdan (2017) 

Third Sphere Part 1: Keith’s Redemption, The by Tonnie Seawolf (2015, ongoing)

Tight Fitting Jeans by JoniLuvsChachi (2012)

To Catch a Kiss by Julie Horwitz (2013)

Uncommon Vows by Yoshi (2000)

Up On The Rooftop by Otla13 (2011)

Voltron : Memory by CBJam (2001)

Voltron New Beginnings by Cindra (2002)

Wake Me Up When September Ends by UsagiRyu (2009)

What We’ll Have When Everything Else Is Gone¬† by PeacockF (2013)

Whatsername by bknbu (2013)


5 responses to “Keith and Allura FanFiction

  • marisa

    any notes on bonds of love which was on another website, it was by lynne and I was able to find the site but the second half of the story would not load? maybe somehow find the story in its entirety as it is a second part to ray of hope.

    • keithandallura

      Hi Marisa! Are you on kaex yahoogroup? the Bonds of Love (BoL) in its first edition form is inside KAEX yahoogroup message archives. Through the search function of the yahoogroup messages, you’ll be able to find at least 50 chapters of this absolutely amazing fanfiction by KittyLynne. It used to be on a website called Lion’s Keep, but unfortunately no longer exists. Kitty Lynne had promised her fans that she would be re-writing BoL (that’s why on FFN it’s only up to a certain number of chapters)

      hope this information helps. You can also subscribe to KAEX where KittyLynne is also a member/lurks and you can ask further queries via

  • AHLondon (@AHLondonTX)

    I request an AOA notation. I check occasionally for recents but don’t like the AOA search function. It’s clunky, especially on a tablet.

  • Lilly

    Hey I need some help finding a fic. I dont remember the tital or author but I’m sure I found it threw this sight. In the fic keith went to prison on earth and on arus. Lotor comes back and is seeking revenge for the death of his father and brother. Also all the members of Voltron are basically immortal. If anyone can help me find this fic I would really appreciate it.

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