KAEX Challenge

list updated 13 April 2018 (Australian EST) 
Kaex_Valentine by Zejan

80s Voltron Keith and Allura fanart by Zejan (2015)


KAEX Yahoogroup



Fairy Tales (March 2018)


FroofyB – Orphans Casting   (new)

Mertz – Cinderella Chronicles: Another sort of fairy tale (new)

Mylari – Once Upon a Time   (new)




cubbieberry – KAllura x Snow White crossover (new)



First Two Hours (June 2016)


cubbieBlueMako – Two Vargas    (new)

Animefreak5483 – Left Behind

Paulina Ann – Time Accounted For 


“If it’s what Allura wants, then it’s what I want” (March 2016


cheetoy –  It’s my birthday

cubbieberry – What KeithandAllura want  


Ailee Nolitari – What Allura Wants is What I Want

katalyna –  If that’s what Allura wants

Nerdmom1701 – Wanting It All

Xia Cheyenne – If the Lion is a’rockin’

Mertz – If it’s what Allura wants, it’s what I want

Body Swap (January 2016)


BB-Bullets – Lady Voltron

Zejan – K/A body swap

Cheetoy  – FreakyFriday style

Cheetoy – genderswapped KA-VF style

Cheetoy – genderswapped KA-VF style


Paulina Ann – More Than He Bargained For

Faith (November 2015)


cubbie – Faith


FroofyB – Faith Finds

Faux Fox – Faith In Nothing

Paulina Ann – Moving Mountains

Pick a Color (August 2015)


cheetoy – blue 

Zejan – Tickled Pink 


Mylari – Seeing Red

lovecastle89 – In the Blue Paradise Wild

cubbieberry – Black is Best at Bedtime

Paulina Ann – Black and Blue

FroofyB – Orange You Glad You Came?

Mylari – Fifty Shades of Blue

Paulina Ann – Tickled Pink

Keith’s Mouth (June 2015)


cubbieberry – Keith’s Mouth

hostdraw – Keith’s Mouth

noelzzz – Taste of Skin

cheetoy – A Little Help

cubbieberry – On a Hot Summer Day


cubbieberry – Under Standing

Mertz – Keith’s Mouth

autumnmissa – Keith, Her Teacher

sunshineleo – What a Mouth! 

Mylari – Royal Studies

Paulina Ann – More

Unexpected Outcome / Crossover (April 2015)


HanabiChick – Sailor Arus

Winter-Shadow – ponified Voltron Force Keith and Allura 

mylari – Voltron and Battle of the Planets Swim Meet 

noelzzz – Adventure Time


KittyLynne and The Bandit – Pinky, Voltron and the Brain

Royal Twist (January 2015)


Cheetoy – Out in the meadows


Paulina Ann – Unexpected Twist 

Paulina Ann – Role Reversal 

cubbieBlueMako – How I Met Your Mother

cubbieBlueMako – Claiming His Princess Bride   

Lights Out In the Cold (November 2014)

Paulina Ann –  Cold Shower

Paulina Ann – Out in the Cold

Paulina Ann – Still in the Dark

Mertz – Once Upon A Time 

sunshineleo – Heat 

KittyShan – Kiss of the Winter Fairy

Nerdmom1701 – Lighting the Spark

Mylari – Alone in the Darkness

Between Scenes / After Credits Roll

(September 2014)

FroofyB – Between the Scenes and After the Credits Roll 

cubbieBlueMako – Heal Thy Nexus 

Paulina Ann – Open Wounds

Anniversary (September 2014)


voltronmylari – Kiss


cubbieBlueMako – A Casual Conversation Among Friends

Paulina Ann – Remembrance

Nerdmom1701 – Waiting for Now

Cpt Kallan Beyda – To Love and Be Loved

Team Sports (August 2014)


General Fererik – Nascar Racing

Mylari – Keith in competition swimwear


Paulina Ann – Shirts vs Skins

Paulina Ann – If You Have a Lane, You Have a Chance

sunshineleo – Fly, Lions, Fly

Mylari – On a Day Like Today

Stuck (July 2014)

RedLion2 – Concussed

Paulina Ann – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Paulina Ann – Unexpected Rescuer

Paulina Ann – A Shower Might Be Safer

sunshineleo – Between Floors

Ailee Nolitari – A Barrel of Fun

Cpt Kallan Beyda – Stuck on You

cubbieBlueMako – Pirate Day

Broken (June 2014)

Paulina Ann – Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar 

Paulina Ann – Fear Adder

Paulina Ann – Unbroken

RedLion2 – Mechanical Failure 

RedLion2 – I’ll Be Here

RedLion2 – Bittersweet

Mylari – A Broken Promise 

Mylari – Behind Closed Doors

Sapphire5 – Princess or Pilot?

FroofyB – The Alamo

sunshineleo – Meant to be Broken 

DreamtimeDancer – The First Break

Limetwist – Unbreakable

Mertz – Bicycle Built for Two

ebon-drake – A Secret World

AlluraBlue4 – Broken

cubbie – Broken

Cpt Kallan Beyda – Broken Promises

Cpt Kallan Beyda – Senerity

Mother’s Day (May 2014)

SunshineLeo – From Mother to Daughter 

ebon-drake   – Mother’s Day

Paulina Ann – A Mother’s Gift 

cubbieBlueMako – Pamper

selena.devargo – A Mother’s Love

Mertz – Expectations

Sheila Bliss – Mother’s Day Version of Sick Story Arc 



Zejan – Laundry pencil sketch


Nikeblue35 – Bears and Elephants

Paulina Ann –  Laundry and Lingerie

Mertz – Spin Cycle

Limetwist – Allura’s Dressing Room

Xia Cheyenne – Where No Princess Has Gone Before

SunshineLeo – Caught Red Shorted

DreamtimeDancer – Beginnings

Mertz – Reverse Cycle 

What Happens In Dradin Stays In Dradin

WarzonePrez – Photograph

SunshineLeo – Sometimes What Happens in Dradin Should Follow You Home

Limetwist – Lap Dance

selena.devargo – Escapade, Dradin Style

katalyna – Mine

Blue Mako and Aligator4508 – Birthday, Dradin, Birthday

Paulina Ann – Breaking the Rules, Dradin Style

Halloween (October 2013)


noelzzz – Adventure Time

cheetoy – Halloween / Day of the Dead


Drowningblonde – The Legend of Angel Falls 

Blue Mako – Allura’s First Halloween Party 

Paulina Ann – Mud Witch

School  +  Fall/Autumn (Sept 2013)

Aligator4508 – Lion Knights of Arus

Ms.Marajade – Ghosts of the Past

cubbie –  Certification

DreamtimeDancer  – Fall Fanfic Challenge

Allura Saves Keith


Cheetoy – Ally Saves

Zejan – rescue


Mertz – Allura to the Rescue

FroofyB – Love Fuels the Fight

SeanMontgomery – Allura Rescues Keith

cubbie – Role Player 

Paulina Ann – Saved from the Queen by the Princess

50 Shades of KA (Dec 2012)

Mertz  –  50 Shades of KAEX

DreamtimeDancer – 50 Shades of KAEX FF Challenge

Xia Chayenne – 50 Shades of Black

cubbieAndChris – KAEX Challenge 50ShadesOfKA presents Pearls

First Time

Mertz – KAEX challenge

Xia Cheyenne –  An Arusian Interlude

Dreamtime Dancer – First Time Fanfic Challenge

Dark Empyrean – Season of Mists Interlude

KA Stuck Inside Blue Lion

DreamtimeDancer – A Meeting In The Blue Lion

Mertz – A Moment Alone

SmartyBear2 – Just One Kiss

Paulina Ann – Finding Love in a Lion



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