Blogpost updated on March 7, 2017 (Australian EST)

As we continue to support Voltron‘s latest reincarnation, Netflix and Dreamworks’ Voltron Legendary Defender (VLD),  we pause for a moment to share that our fan blog has reached its fourth year this March 2017.


The Powers That Be should be mighty happy to know that #Voltron is a perpetual global hashtag on social media, and so is #VoltronLegendaryDefender, proof that Voltron truly, undoubtedly has a global fandom.

Also, traffic to the #KeithandAllura fanship blog sky-rocketed since the new Voltron version, showing that there are new Voltron fans who are curious enough to check out fan works which existed prior to VLD.

We have also created a new Voltron Legendary Defender page for our OTP‘s latest portmanteau #KAllura




To celebrate our blog’s anniversary, throughout the month of March,  we showcase a special gift fanfiction to all Voltron Keith and Allura fanshippers from prolific Sci-Fi Romance (SFR) author Anna Hackett.

Of all the authors we follow on Twitter, Anna Hackett has admitted that she is a big Voltron fan.  We have featured Anna in a previous blog post, and since then, she has released new SFR books.  Her latest sci-fi romance series Galactic Gladiators is amazing.

Anna Hackett Galactic Gladiators

Book 1’s Gladiator is currently on sale on Amazon for 99c.  You can also grab free downloads of Anna Hackett’s brilliant books here.

And so without further ado, we present:





Allura’s Anniversary Plan


Anna Hackett


Princess Allura yanked her helmet off and strode into the hall. It was cool inside the castle but she still felt hot and sticky inside her uniform.

The fight had been long and vicious, but they’d beaten back another of Zarkon’s robeasts. She felt a slight twinge in her shoulder where she’d been thrust against her seat, but she was more worried about the Blue Lion.

One of the robeast’s missiles was still lodged in its chest.

She pulled in a shaky breath. Thankfully the missile hadn’t detonated, or she wouldn’t be standing here.

“Princess!” Pidge hurried around the corner, followed closely by Lance and Hunk. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” She tried for a smile for her fellow team members.

Pidge skidded to a halt. “You’re sure?”

She nodded. “I’m sure.”

Lance touched her shoulder lightly. “Your lion took a hard hit.”

“I’m fine, Lance. Thank you all for your concern.”

“Princess Allura,” a deep voice called out.

Just his voice made every cell in her body quiver. Smoothing out her face, she looked up.

Commander Keith Kogane strode down the hall, his long legs eating up the distance between them. Like the others, he was still in uniform. Its fitted lines stretched over his lean, muscled body. His dark hair brushed the top of his collar and his face was set in grave lines.

The commander of Voltron Force was a gifted leader and he took his role seriously. It was one of the many things she liked about him.

He reached her. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Fine. My lion on the other hand…” Her heart thumped hard against her ribs at the thought of the damage to her lion. With one lion down, it left them unable to form Voltron, which left Arus and her people defenseless.

“You’ve taken the Blue Lion to the main hanger?” he asked.

“Yes. The repair crews are going to start work on it tomorrow.”

Keith’s frown deepened. “Tomorrow? Why not this evening?”

“It’s the Anniversary Ball, Keith,” Pidge piped up.

Hunk nodded. “We’re the guests of honor and everyone’s really excited.”

Allura lifted her chin. “We want to celebrate the anniversary of your…the team’s arrival on Arus. The people need something to lift their spirits after these constant attacks by Zarkon.”

Keith crossed his arms over his chest. “If Zarkon attacks again—”

“We just beat his latest robeast,” Lance said. “He’s not going to hit us again tonight.”

Allura nodded. “The people need this. This ball is a perfect way to increase morale.”

Lance grinned at Keith and elbowed him in the ribs. “Yeah, Keith. It’s perfect.”

Keith shot his friend a hard stare. “I guess one night won’t make a difference—”

“The ball’s going to be great,” Pidge said excitedly. “They’re putting up the decorations the Princess organized in the hall. It’s going to be fun.”

“And all the pretty ladies from the village will be wearing their pretty dresses.” Lance winked at Allura.

She shook her head. He was incorrigible.

“There’s going to be food, right?” Hunk asked.

Allura fought back a smile. “Yes, Hunk. Lots of food.” She’d wanted this celebration for the people of Arus, but it was also for these brave men who’d selflessly jumped in to defend her and her planet from Zarkon’s evil. She would never be able to repay them.

And the ball was also for her. Under her lashes, she shot a glance at Keith. It was her chance to finally get him to see beyond the Princess. Beyond the member of Voltron Force.

For him to see her, Allura, the woman.

“Well, you’d better all go and get cleaned up.” She shooed them with her hands. “You can’t go to a ball in your uniforms.”

With grumbles and groans, they all headed off. Except Keith.

“You’re heading up to your rooms?’ he asked.

“Not yet. I want to take a closer look at the damage to the Blue Lion.” She’d worry about it otherwise.

“I’ll come with you.”

He fell into step beside her. She was so aware of him. The lean strength of him, the loose-hipped stride that drew a woman’s gaze. Her hands clamped around her helmet.

Moments later they entered the main hanger. The Blue Lion sat under lights with the maintenance gantry alongside it.

The missile was still lodged in the lion’s chest.

Keith scowled. “Too close.”

“What?” She glanced at him and saw his hands were clenched into tight fists.

“It came too close to hitting you. If that had detonated…” His hands flexed.

“It didn’t.” Her pulse tripped. She wanted to believe he cared about her, but she knew he considered it his duty to protect her. To protect the Princess, not Allura. With a sigh, she moved forward. “Let’s take a look from the cockpit.”

As she stepped into the familiar space, and Keith’s larger body moved in behind her, the cockpit shrank in size. She felt the heat radiating off him and she could smell him too—something that made of think of fresh water and the scent of healthy male sweat. For a second, Allura forgot where they were and why they were there.

“Princess? Princess Allura?”

She blinked. He was frowning at her. She cleared her throat and turned to look out the window at the ugly black missile. “I wonder why it didn’t detonate.”

“After the repair crews get it out, we’ll take a look at it—”

Lights flared to the life on the side of the missile, blinking red in a wild, chaotic dance.

“What the—” Keith spun, lunged and tackled Allura to the ground.

As she hit the floor, Keith’s body on top of her, the air rushed out of her lungs. She grabbed onto him and waited for the explosion. If these were her last moments, at least she was with him.

She felt a rush of energy that raised the hairs on the back of her neck.

But no explosion.

She stayed there for a second savoring the feel of him. She barely resisted the urge to run her hands over his back.

“Keith?” She pushed at him. “It didn’t explode.”

Warily, he rose and helped her up. They both peered out the cockpit window.

Allura gasped.

A shimmer of dark red light covered the Blue Lion. “What is it?”

Keith strode to the door and tried to open it. He gripped the handle, straining as he tried to move it.

She watched the muscles flex under the fabric of his uniform and closed her eyes for a second.

When she opened her eyes, he was wedging his shoulder against the door and pushing.

Suddenly, he flew backward and smacked into the wall. He slid to the floor.


He was lying on his back. And not moving.

Allura dropped to her knees, panic squeezing her lungs so hard she couldn’t breathe. She pressed a hand to his chest and when she felt it rising and falling, she released a long breath.

She cupped his cheeks. His eyelashes were dark against his cheeks. She’d never seen him this still, and she didn’t like it. He always blazed with energy and life.

“Keith, please.” She leaned down until her face was an inch from his. What would she do if he was hurt? No, she couldn’t lose Keith.

His eyes snapped open. They both froze and just stared at each other. More than anything Allura wanted to close that last inch and kiss him.

He cleared his throat. “It’s some sort of energy field.”

The moment evaporated and Allura felt a stab of disappointment. Maybe he just didn’t want her the way she so desperately wanted him? She sat back and dropped her hands into her lap. “You’re okay?”

“Just a bump.” He sat up, rubbing his neck. “The missile’s encased the entire lion. We’re trapped.”

Her lungs constricted. “Trapped?”

He got his feet and slammed a hand against the wall. “It must be some new weapon Zarkon cooked up—” Keith’s eyes widened “—or it’s a trap.”

“A trap?” The words left a bad taste in Allura’s mouth.

Keith nodded, a muscle ticking in his jaw. “For you.”

Allura rose and looked out the window again at the red shimmer. “You think Lotor is behind it?”

“Yes. I think Zarkon’s son is so crazy about you he’d do anything to get you.”

Allura turned away before Keith could see her face. The idea of being in Lotor’s hands was…horrifying. But there was a tiny part of her, deep inside, that admired the dark prince’s persistence. At least he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings, no matter how twisted they might be.

She pressed her palms to the console. She was trapped in the Blue Lion with Keith. She squeezed her eyes closed. Now her plan for the Anniversary Ball was ruined.

She’d had it all worked out. First, a long bath and then she was going to smooth on the beautiful-smelling lotion she’d had made in the village. After that, she’d put on her new dress. The one that had sent Nanny into convulsions. The one that was supposed to drive Keith crazy.

The one that was supposed to help him see Allura in a new light.

Instead, here she was, still in the uniform he saw her in every day.

Allura stared at the door, trying to think of any other options to get them out. “Maybe if I overload the electrical circuit, it might open the door?”

His eyes lit up. “Brilliant idea, Princess.”

She felt her cheeks warm at his praise. The only problem was the circuit was in the panel above her chair. She stepped on her chair and reached upward.

Large hands clamped onto her hips. “Careful.”

She felt the burn of his fingers through her clothes. Pulling in a steadying breath, she yanked off the panel and set to work with the wiring.

It was awkward to work above her head. She stepped onto the armrest, needing another inch of height.

Her boot slid.

She barely had time to cry out as she slipped downward.

Strong arms caught her.

Keith wrapped his arms around her body. She slid a few more inches, pressed up against his.

His head ended up nestled against the front of her uniform.

Oh. Heat flared through her.


Keith Kogane was in his own private hell.

The princess’s slim body and gentle curves were pressed up against him and he was working really hard to remember who she was.

The princess. His duty.

He set her on the floor and pulled away quickly. He cleared his tight throat. “Are you all right.”

She swiped a stand of blonde hair back from her face. “Yes, thanks. I’ll give it another try.” She stepped back up on the chair.

Keith grabbed her waist again. While she worked, he marvelled at the fact he could almost span her waist with his hands.

But the princess wasn’t delicate. She might be slim, but there was an iron core of strength to her. One that allowed her to serve her people with a dedication that never wavered.

She shifted. “Almost…got…it…”

It wouldn’t be soon enough.

Then she let out a short scream.

There was a sizzling sound, the sharp smell of something burning, and she was falling.

He caught her, but her momentum knocked him off balance and they landed on the floor, Allura straddling his stomach.

“Sorry!” She shifted, her hips grinding against him.

Keith lifted her off him before he embarrassed them both. She’s the princess, Kogane.

“I’m okay.” She shook one hand, then popped a finger in her mouth. “Just a little zap.” She looked at the window, saw the red glow, and sighed. “We’re still trapped.”

Keith tried not to look at her sucking on her finger. “Looks like it. Someone will come looking for us…eventually.” He just hoped someone in the castle would be able to work out how to break through this energy field.

Allura closed her eyes. “They’ll all be at the ball now.”

He heard the wistful sadness in her voice. “I’m sorry you’ll miss it.”

She turned. “And I’m sorry you’ll miss it, too.”

He waved a hand. “I wasn’t planning on going. I thought I might have had a quiet night, review some strategy or read a book.”

She went very still. “You were going to miss a ball in your honor to read a book?”

He winced at her tone. “I—”

Her lips flattened. “Or perhaps you were going to sneak off to the village like you’ve been doing lately? Visit whoever she is.”

He frowned. She? “Princess—”

But she hurried on. “I had everything planned, the food, the decorations, my dress…”

An image of her in a beautiful dress and delicate tiara flashed into his head. Beauty and grace. “I guess you were going to wear one of those pink dresses you like.”

She lifted her chin, her eyes glittering. “No, I wasn’t. I had something different planned. Something blue, and sparkly and…and slinky.”

Keith stiffened. “Slinky? That’s not appropriate for a princess.”

She shoved her hands on her hips. “You sound just like Nanny! Maybe it isn’t appropriate for a princess but it’s appropriate for me.” She shoved a thumb against her chest. Then she sort of wilted and sighed. “It doesn’t matter now, the man I’d hoped would notice me won’t get to see me in it.”

Keith felt everything inside him go very still. “What man?”

The princess turned her back to him, her chin dropping to her chest. “It doesn’t matter.”

Her disappointment cut him. She was really upset that she wouldn’t be able to gain the attention of this mystery man. She was crazy. No matter where she was or what she wore, every man—young or old—would notice her.

But anger was creeping in. Keith didn’t want a man noticing her. This man couldn’t be good enough for her.

“What man?” Keith repeated through clenched teeth.

“I said—”

He gripped her arms and spun her. Her mouth dropped opened and he noticed how full her lips were and what a tempting shade of pink they were. “You can’t just traipse off with a man. You’re a princess. You’re a member of Voltron Force.”

“Excuse me?” Her voice turned icy.

He kept going, something he couldn’t name driving him. “You have duties and responsibilities—”

She shoved at him. “You are so blind.”

His hands tightened on her. He couldn’t seem to let her go. “No man would ever be good enough for you.”

She made a strangled noise and shoved again. “I am not some crystal figurine to put on a pedestal, Keith. And I’m not just a princess.” Her fingers curled into his uniform. “I case you missed it, I’m a woman as well.” Her gaze roamed his face. “A woman with wants and needs and desires.”

A shot of heat mixed with panic hit his stomach like a punch. He never, ever let himself think of her like that. If he did…


She let out a little shriek. “Allura, Keith. Call me Allura!”

He released a breath, staring into her wide, angry eyes. He felt like he was standing on the edge of a cliff…and he really, really wanted to jump. He thought of her turning to some other man.


“Allura.” He lifted a hand and brushed a strand of her golden hair back from her cheek. “I haven’t missed it.”

Her brow wrinkled. “Missed what?”

He lowered his head until his lips brushed her ear. “I haven’t missed that you’re a woman.”

Her lips parted. “Keith—”

It was like dam had burst, washing away the last of his control. Everything he felt, everything he’d kept locked up tight inside, flooded out. “I notice everything about you. How generous you are with your people, so giving and caring. How talented you are as a pilot and what an excellent team member you are. So courageous.” He cupped her cheeks. “And beautiful, graceful…”

Her nose wrinkled. “You make me sound like some vision of perfection.”

He smiled. “Well, I’ve also noticed you have a bit of a temper. And I’ve really noticed the way your uniform hugs your curves.”

She sucked in a breath and bit her bottom lip.

“And the way you bite your lip when you’re worried…or nervous.” He brushed her lip with his thumb. “What are you feeling now…Allura?”

“So much I think I might burst.” She circled his wrists with her hands, holding his touch to her face. “The dress…it was for you, Keith.”

He groaned and pulled her closer. With his heart beating hard in his chest, he pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss sent pleasure whipping through him. She tasted like honey and sunlight, warm and sweet. The small noises she was making sent his heart thundering.

Somehow they ended up in the chair, Keith sitting and Allura on top. Her hands were tangled in his hair, gripping him as she kissed him back.

She pulled back a little. “I love your hair. Never cut it.” Her lips travelled down, nipping along his jaw. “And I love your handsome face.”

“Okay,” he managed. Oh, her touch felt so good.

“I noticed you from the first day you and the others found your way to the castle.” Another little nip on the side of his neck.

“You’re such a natural leader, so brave and caring.”

As her lips came back to his, he groaned again. The taste and feel of her drove him crazy. He never wanted to stop kissing her.

But the sounds of shouts broke through their private little cocoon. Voices echoed through the hangar.

He pressed his forehead to hers, trying to catch his breath. “Sounds like the cavalry’s arrived.”

She gave a hiccupping laugh. “Suddenly, I don’t really feel like being rescued.”

He smiled. “Well, it’ll probably take them a while to break that energy field.” He reached into his pocket. “I have a gift for you. On Earth, it’s tradition on anniversaries to get people a gift.”

He pulled the necklace out, holding up the golden pendant on a delicate chain.

She gasped. “It’s gorgeous. And it’s in the shape of my favorite lily.” She looked up. “Where did you get this?”

“It’s the reason I’ve been sneaking off to the village. An artisan there has been making it for me.”

Allura stroked a finger over the pendant. “It’s really beautiful.”

“Just like you.” He reached around her slim neck and put the necklace on her. As he’d known, the flower looked perfect on her.

Her gaze met his, clung. “I love it.”

Her soft words made his heart thump. Love. The promise of it shimmered in the air.

“I’m really glad we ended up on Arus.” He brushed his fingers against her smooth cheek. “And I’d really love to see you in that dress. Happy Anniversary, Allura.”

She cupped his face and brought his mouth back to hers. “Looks like my plan worked out after all. My man noticed me.” She nipped his lips. “Here’s to the first of many anniversaries, my darling commander.”


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