• Purely a list of all the Voltron Force’s Keith-and-Allura (KA) fanfictions and fanart posted on the Internet;
  • The list was created to save cubbie’s sanity from searching everywhere for deliciously KA fanfiction and KA fanart;
  • Only KA pairing in this list (no other pairings allowed)
  • Voltron’s KA from ALL Voltron versions whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force Nicktoons version, Dynamite, DDP, Vizmedia, or Voltron Legendary Defender.
  • List that will be created will be title / author in alphabetical order;
  • Added items upon the discretion of this blog’s author.
  • This is purely recreational purposes only for the ultimate KA fan/shippy devotion
  • WEP owns Voltron and Voltron Force.  The author of this blog does not own anything Voltron or Voltron Force
  • If you would know / have /  share  a KA fanfiction to add to the list, please feel free to send an email to cubbieberry at gmail dot com


G’day fanfic writer!
cubbie is keen to share your fanfic to the rest of the #KeithAndAllura fandom, but first, would it be okay to ask a few questions?
Before we promote your story, we usually ask these questions to every fanfic writer who publishes a KA fanfic,

1. Will your story be complete?
2. Will it be only KA pairing (you will not *cough* pimp or pair KA to other characters)?
3. Will your story be a happily-ever-after ending?

Because cubbie works on this blog on an unpaid, voluntary basis, fangirling Voltron and shipping KAllura is her sanity / distraction from her worries and anxieties of having a child with disability and cancer.

updated 21 Nov 2018


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