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Happy 20th Anniversary KAEX Yahoogroup

As we wait the final season of Voltron Legendary Defender, dropping on December 14, 2018, we would like to wish KAEX Yahoogroup a Happy 20th Anniversary! 

We thank all the Keith and Allura fanfiction writers and fanartists throughout the years;

We thank admin and moderator Lionesse for keeping the Yahoogroup alive online, so that K/A shippers continue to enjoy a safe space to ship one-true-pairing (OTP) Keith and Allura. 

We’ve seen different iterations, changes to our OTP’s portmanteau.  From K/A for Voltron84, to #KeithandAllura for Voltron Force 2011, and the latest version as #KAllura for Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender. 

We thank all the new fans, new friendships formed around the world, the fanartists who made fan merch available to enjoy our OTP. We are grateful and thankful for sharing your talent and skills to this corner of the universe. 

And no matter what the end game for the Netflix version, we remain faithful and supportive of KAEX Yahoogroup.  #KAlluraForever !

Like in other Voltron iterations, the final season of VLD is not an ending for us, but a beginning : it is the best time to create fanworks and continue to support Voltron official merchandise. 

In the meantime, we enjoy the ultimate Voltron experience – we waited thirty-plus years for this – continue building the intricate Voltron Lego 


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