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VLD Thanksgiving Day 2018

To the entire creative team of Voltron Legendary Defender,

We dedicated Voltron fans made a conscious choice to upload this Thanksgiving blog post before the final season 8 is released. 

No matter what the ending,  we would like to thank you for this amazing journey which began in June 2016. 

Over these past few years, we forged new friendships across the world,  created fanworks showing our love for our giant robot and its paladins, and listened to Lets Voltron, the official Voltron podcast, for the latest Voltron updates. 

We thank you for linking both comic books and books to the Netflix series, giving us something that the fandom has always wanted: that the artwork be consistent to the animation.  Thank you for fulfilling our wish. 

We thank you for your convention panels, and especially for your patience and understanding despite the often negative discourse – at times directed at the VLD creators and voice actors themselves. You faced them with grace and class. 

As Voltron fans, we shall forge on long after VLD has left our screens.  And as we have always done across the years, we shall continue to support official merchandise.

Puzzle Book  (licensed merch, made in Melbourne, Australia)

VLD comics via Lion Forge 

And to express our thanks, here are a few personal messages from VLD fans:

from: laurana7000

love, princessstaryknight on tumblr

VLD Thanksgiving from WindyC

Finally, apart from written messages, we also received fanart and fanvids to send to the entire creative team of Voltron Legendary Defender.

from megafangirl1734 on tumblr

from KAlluraLove on Twitter and Tumblr:

fanvid by KAlluralove on Tumblr

To conclude our Thanksgiving blogpost, we would like to share headcanon fanart from cb.mako and  fanvid from WindyC.   

headcanon fanvid by WindyC on Twitter

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