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While The Powers That Be went off-tangent with a seasoned comics writer, creating another set of Voltron Force pilots,  among #KeithandAllura fanshippers, we continue our fan-ship adventure by looking for K/A in other realms of genre fiction.

When Voltron fanfiction writer Paulina Ann introduced fans to her fanfic arc Chivalry, where she sent K/A time-travelling back to medieval Arus, I was challenged to read more of knights, clad in suits of armour and wielding broadswords.  But I also wanted to read about kickass princesses / ladies of nobility wearing armour and wielding their own weapons to defend their realms and kingdoms.

While I had a blast reading sci-fi romance and regency romance through most of 2014, I decided to bravely step out of my comfort zone and read another romance sub-genre.  By the beginning of 2015, armed with my mobile Kindle app, I stumbled upon the ebooks of historical medieval romance author Kathryn Le Veque.

book cover

In Kathryn Le Veque’s medieval world, women are strong, smart, and capable of defending themselves.

Her medieval landscape was completely different to the polite society of Regency and Victorian historical romance. Her medieval world was bloody and brutal, which reminded me of Beast King GoLion, the original Japanese anime version of Voltron that was rife with blood, gore and dismemberment.   But once I got used to the medieval landscape, I was entranced, smitten even.

KA from nicktoons promotional pics

Keith and Allura from  Voltron Force 2011 animation version where their eye colour changed from the original 80s version

VF KA Elmer Damaso coloured eyes

One of Kathryn Le Veque’s novels I particularly loved was so close  to our favourite fandom couple. “Unending Love” is about a knight and his lady with physical attributes identical to Voltron Force Keith and Allura: handsome knight Maddoc du Bois had black hair and blue eyes;  And Adelind de Aston, an earl’s granddaughter with blonde hair and green eyes. The book cover had even a Black and Blue colour palette.

book cover of

Finding K/A-lookalike in medieval romance books

I loved the book so much, I even got the audiobook edition and would listen to it while doing the dishes or cooking dinner during arsenic hours. And yes, I even cried when I first read this book. (If this was a tweet I’d be hashtagging #hopelessromantic #sorrynotsorry).

Then, I realised, writing Voltron KA shippy fanfiction is indeed a mixture of sci-fi, romance, fantasy, paranormal, and even medieval.  Thus, my Voltron AU medieval KA fanfiction “Claiming His Princess Bride” was born as a reply to a KAEX Challenge raised by cheetoy called ‘Royal Twist’.  To date, the FanFic has grown to twenty-one chapters, and I will be adding the final set of chapters by the end of November 2015.

medieval KA book cover

New Cover Art by Artist Natalia Kuhta via @TheGeekiary

Coincidentally, on 29th October, Kathryn Le Veque is generously sharing her characters from one of her series The Wolfe Pack. She has opened the doors to writers who are keen to write and continue her characters’ journey through fanfiction on Kindle Worlds.


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9 responses to “Medieval FanFiction

  • Theresa Matthews

    Very nice blog. I find as you start to look around, there are a lot of K/A situations to be seen. Stargate SG-1 is like that — two people who love each other, saving the universe, but aren’t supposed to be together because of regulations. It makes for good angst and drama — something that we K/A fans love! lol

  • keleveque1

    Thank you for the feature, Cubbie! I’m very glad you ‘found’ me! I love your enthusiasm!

  • raine286

    I wonder if we can get Voltron Force into Kindle Worlds? Now, I’m curious to read the show’s bible and the rest of the mythos – the elusive fifth planet. 😀

    • keithandallura

      Good question. our fandom just recently hit 1000 fanfic stories on Perhaps, one day when Voltron has a big-screen movie and becomes a mega-fandom? But, who knows? Keen to raise that query to WEP?

      • raine286

        Kindle Worlds seem to operate more on canon characters it looks like , utilizing established prog & antagonists, foil characters etc by the author. How much OC can run around a particular world would prolly depend on the author or he or she may have rules about using OCs. Unfortunately, Idk some of the worlds posted but I did see Vampire Diaries only I don’t follow that TV show. If “Flash” or “Supergirl” shows are in Kindle Worlds, I’ll take a look again. So prolly a live-action Voltron TV series????? Has that been considered in the podcasts interviews? It will have to be a one-hour show just like what comics-to-screen shows are doing these days. (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D).

  • Paulina Ann

    You know this only leaves me wanting to read more of the chapters! But I have to wait a month for more! *sigh* Impatience doesn’t help, but it’s either that or pouting.

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