Top 5 Reasons ITALY loves VOLTRON

KA by Flora and FerrerikKeith and Allura Fanart by Flora (left) and Ferrerik (right)

1) Voltron’s GoLion version was aired between 1982-1984 and its popular opening music translated into Italian.

2) Classic 80s Voltron was aired in Italy in mid 80s.  (Princess Allura in Italian version was Principessa Aurora)

3 Fanfiction writer PeacockF from the Italy have written Voltron KeithAndAllura canon pairing stories both in English and Italian.

4) Beautiful Fanart by artists Ferrerik and Flora 

5) Italy had its own version of Voltron DVD of art cover  by Enrico Galli

KA by Enrico Galli

Thank you to Voltron Italian fans Sara, Ferrerik and Flora for all their inputs for this special blog post.


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This is purely for @cubbieberry's sanity : a list of fanfiction and fanart found on the 'net all about Voltron Force's Commander Keith Kogane and his beloved Princess Allura whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force, DDP & Dynamite comics; Purely Keith-Allura (K/A) pairing only View all posts by keithandallura

One response to “ITALY ♥ VOLTRON

  • raine286

    Was unable to view the video link due to geographical reasons. Anyway, love the DVD artwork. I like that they keep the lions shine brings out some mystery and ethereal vibe. 😀 Love the snapshot poses of Keith and Allura.

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