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Bonds of Love

 2014-05-28 10.02.10

(fanart by DreamtimeDancer)

Long before and Archive Of Our Own were created,  #Voltron #KeithandAllura fanfiction writers posted their stories by either making their own fansites or posted their stories inside KAEX Yahoogroup.

Fanfiction writer KittyLynne wrote Bonds of Love inside KAEX Yahoogroup and began posting them on May 2000.  This beautiful story of Keith and Allura was one of the first epic-length fanfic stories to depict our favourite canon couple as a bonded pair.

Fanlore Wiki mentioned that bond is a favourite trope in fanfiction where a canon pair is considered soul mates with some kind of psychic connection.

In the 80s Voltron cartoon series,  Allura was able to hear Keith as far as planet Balto in episode 20 Pidge’s Home Planet.



We write this special post this week not only to greet KittyLynne a Happy Birthday this month of May,  we also want to thank one of our KA fans @kismatt who compiled Bonds of Love into an eBook format  which can be accessed inside one of kaex yahoogroup’s folders.

Since Bonds of Love, there are other fanfiction writers who have written Keith and Allura with psychic and telepathic bond,

Mertz’s Soul Mates and Happy Ever After: Sodalis Vitae

Xia Cheyenne’s trilogy  One Man’s Princess

DreamtimeDancer’s  Happily Ever After

cubbieBlueMako’s Fearless

Ringhuiniele’s Arus Eyes

KitLynneSkye’s The Guardian

Mylari’s Something About Timing-Something About Fate



KAEX #MothersDay Challenge

Thank you SunshineLeo for raising the next KAEX Yahoogroup challenge.
Open to all  #KeithandAllura fans, replies to the challenge can either be in FanFiction or fanart.
Suggested criteria include:
  1. Has to do with a mom (whether it’s Keith’s mom, Allura’s mom, Allura becoming a mom)
  2. Keith-and-Allura centric (obviously)
  3. Happily Ever After
  4. KA fanfic can be  one-off, stand-alone or muti-chapter, but all stories submitted must be complete.
Tweet or email your reply to the challenge fanfic / fanart weblink.  Deadline of replies to the kaex challenge is May 31, 2014
Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day!





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