Look Who’s Back!

Who would have thought that they would be back after 30 years?

In bright anime colours, original style #KeithAndAllura (that everyone grew up watching back in the 80’s in classic Voltron) are back thanks to Robotech / Voltron crossover comic book by Dynamite Comics.

Written by Tommy Yune and Art by Elmer Damaso, this mini-series of five issues delighted Voltron KA fans around the world, especially with a full page devoted to our favourite (canon pairing) couple.


This first issue was released on Christmas Eve 2013 and is currently available on Voltron e-store.

To know more about this unique crossover, visit @letsvoltron   and listen to  podcast no. 2

We are eagerly looking forward to Issue # 2  (release date February 2014).

And speaking of February – the month of love hearts (^o^) ,  visit our new blog page devoted to KA Valentine’s Day!


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This is purely for @cubbieberry's sanity : a list of fanfiction and fanart found on the 'net all about Voltron Force's Commander Keith Kogane and his beloved Princess Allura whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force, DDP & Dynamite comics; Purely Keith-Allura (K/A) pairing only View all posts by keithandallura

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