2014 : The Year of Voltron

We welcome the New Year with a big shoutout to  @LetsVoltron

with their amazing podcasts via @theOrangeFM.  Hosted by no other than Marc Morrell of Toonbarn fame,

each podcast is choc-a-bloc full of delish Voltron updates  leading to Voltron’s 30th Anniversary on September 10, 2014.


#Voltron and #KeithAndAllura fans would surely love to listen either via website’s podcast streamiTunes  or  from android apps available on Google Play.

And make sure to leave feedback / ask questions / post comments on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s Voltron!


About keithandallura

This is purely for @cubbieberry's sanity : a list of fanfiction and fanart found on the 'net all about Voltron Force's Commander Keith Kogane and his beloved Princess Allura whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force, DDP & Dynamite comics; Purely Keith-Allura (K/A) pairing only View all posts by keithandallura

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