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KAEX Challenge : “What Happens In Dradin Stays In Dradin”

The next KAEX challenge is raised by Dawn @sunshineleoDawn.  This challenge is based from Voltron Force episode “Dradin, Baby, Dradin”

VoltronForce - DradinBabyDradin- cropped

Voltron Force episode  “Dradin, Baby, Dradin” is available via Netflix, hulu,  iTunes  and in Australia, it’s on Voltron Force DVD Disc 3 : Secret Origins

Thank you Dawn for deets of the KAEX challenge:

  • Setting must be around Dradin (Vegas style place)
  • The Voltron Force must be on vacation (R-and-R must be a part. Even Keith has to relax.)
  • Keith and Allura romantic scene a must (duh!)
  • A little fun adult naughtiness that Coran and Nanny would not approve of
  • Dradin/Vegas activities must be involved
  • Enter your submission by December 15, 2013  via FFN / AO3 / kaex yahoogroup and share us your weblink

reply to the challenge can either be a fanfic or fanart.

Happy writing / drawing !


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