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Halloween KAEX Challenge

The next kaex challenge is raised by Denise @drpaschall
and we would like to share to you the details in case you’d like to join and submit your fanart or fanfic:

Thank you Denise for writing the guidelines below:

  • Holloween theme
  • with Keith and Allura romantic scene
  • At least one cameo/ mention of the other team members. Although other Voltron force members can be the central character. But Keith and Allura’s ‘ship must be prominent plot point somewhere.
  • Something SCARY/CREEPY in traditional Halloween fashion (This should be easy as Voltron has both a ghost and a witch in the main ensemble of characters. But you don’t have to stick with just those two. Create your own if you want.)
  • No main character deaths- unless they’re already dead.
  • Go outside the box. Take a risk, be creative and strive to send a chill down your reader’s spine. (Although, if we don’t get a fewcostume party fluffy-lemon fics it will be a VERY disappointing Voltron-fandom Halloween indeed ;p
  • And most importantly A HAPPY ENDING! 😀
  • Enter your submission by November 1st  via FFN / AO3 / kaex yahoogroup and share us your weblink



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