My First #Voltron #KeithAndAllura #Fanfiction

Here are a few suggestions to help jumpstart your writing:

A) From Belinda Pollard, Australian book editor, consultant & owner of Small Blue Dog Publishing:

What to do when you’ve finished the First Draft

Though her tips are meant for upcoming writers/authors who wish to publish their first book,
they are also applicable to newbie writers in fanfiction *solemn nod*)

What Makes a Good Beta Reader

You probably have encountered word ‘beta-reader’ in Fanfiction dot net,  This blogpost helps you identify the role of a beta-reader in your fanfic writing adventure

B) Follow and/or subscribe to the following websites to receive regular #WritingTips

The Write Practice

Daily Writing Tips


C) Just write.

Write your fanfic.  I’ve read somewhere (i wish i could remember where)…

Write like no one else is reading it.  Write like it’s only for one person in your life.  Write it like you’re the only one reading it.    

Go get a copy editor, proofreader, developmental editor, a beta reader.  Go attend a writing workshop online or in your local area.  Attend writing festivals.

But seriously,  don’t write for fame or for reviews. Write for passion, from the heart, from your soul.

When you write what you love, nothing else matters.

And finally, remember to have fun.  Make writing an enjoyable & positive experience.

This is not a paid advert. These suggestions were simply helpful 
in my newbie-ish writing endeavor. Should you know other sources, 
you're welcome to share via comments below. 


About keithandallura

This is purely for @cubbieberry's sanity : a list of fanfiction and fanart found on the 'net all about Voltron Force's Commander Keith Kogane and his beloved Princess Allura whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force, DDP & Dynamite comics; Purely Keith-Allura (K/A) pairing only View all posts by keithandallura

2 responses to “My First #Voltron #KeithAndAllura #Fanfiction

  • Belinda Pollard (@Belinda_Pollard)

    Thanks for mentioning my posts! Good editing and quality feedback is the key to all good writing, fanfic or otherwise. (but then I would say that, being an editor 😉 )

    All the best with your writing!

  • Mertz

    What I suggest to a lot of first time writers is to take a book they love, one they’ve read a few times and re-read it. Except this time, don’t pay attention to the plot. Look at how the author writes. How they describe things, how characters and the plot move. It’ll help a new writer make leap and bounds in improvement. (Something I wish I would have done. :p)

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