Hungry for KA fanfiction

I have it bad. Really bad.

As a latecomer to Voltron’s Keith-Allura (KA) fandom (rediscovered Voltron last July 2012), my hunger to read delish, scrumptious KA fanfics is insatiable.  I have often nagged asked KAEX yahoogroup for more KA fanfiction lurking all over the internet, and when the KAEX members did send, it was all over my inbox too, and soon buried by tons of email.

And i kept on finding / discovering amazing fanfiction written even as early as circa 1999! wow.

So to satisfy my inner-OC, i needed a list. Hopefully this endeavor would make any (past/present/future) KA shipper enjoy going to the list and find yummy fanfictions to satisfy the hunger for more KA.


About keithandallura

This is purely for @cubbieberry's sanity : a list of fanfiction and fanart found on the 'net all about Voltron Force's Commander Keith Kogane and his beloved Princess Allura whether classic Voltron, Voltron 3D, Voltron Force, DDP & Dynamite comics; Purely Keith-Allura (K/A) pairing only View all posts by keithandallura

4 responses to “Hungry for KA fanfiction

  • Ruth Ann Shepherd

    I too had been a late comer to the world of KA fanfics (only joining in two years ago). I love what you have done and can’t wait to see/read more. Keep up the great work you are doing for all us KA fanatics! You know I’m behind you 110%. Also, any of my work, feel free to post it here at your discresion. I’m too much of a techtard to figure out how to do stuff like this ;D Until next time.

  • K

    I ❤ your list! You should check out and add CBear's (Claire) "A Princess and Her Knight" K&A fanfiction archive. Her stories rank among some of the sweetest ones I've ever read. Warm fuzzies guaranteed. Also, I would really appreciate it if you could add K&A fanart to your list as well…I'm itching to see some of Zejan the Wonder Monkey and General Ferrick's latest work. Cheers! 🙂

  • Raine

    For the life of me, I didn’t try looking up Voltron fics when I used to read other shows fics there before. It was only this month that I did and wham… all sort of goodies came in full force. Hahaha

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