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Castle of Lions

An awesome website has come alive once again!

With literally HUNDREDS of KA fanfiction at your fingertips!

A treaure trove, a magical place where you can spend hours discovering hidden gems & some can only been seen / read at

Unleash your KA shippy imagination !  rawr!


Hungry for KA fanfiction

I have it bad. Really bad.

As a latecomer to Voltron’s Keith-Allura (KA) fandom (rediscovered Voltron last July 2012), my hunger to read delish, scrumptious KA fanfics is insatiable.  I have often nagged asked KAEX yahoogroup for more KA fanfiction lurking all over the internet, and when the KAEX members did send, it was all over my inbox too, and soon buried by tons of email.

And i kept on finding / discovering amazing fanfiction written even as early as circa 1999! wow.

So to satisfy my inner-OC, i needed a list. Hopefully this endeavor would make any (past/present/future) KA shipper enjoy going to the list and find yummy fanfictions to satisfy the hunger for more KA.

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