31 Days of Mertz

updated on July 30, 2014 [Australian EST]

To celebrate the birthday of Voltron fandom’s most prolific fanfiction writer to date, (with forty-two KeithandAllura canon pair couple  stories under her belt at the time of this blogpost), we will choose one story, tweet and add to the list below, throughout the month of July.

Mertz‘s fanfics are varied: from epic-length fic “Origins: a Legend Unfolds” where you read a very strong Allura

KA - DDP edited pic 2

to one-off ficlets (perfect for when you’re craving for a quick KA snack).

Her stories can draw out different emotions from the readers: from her hilarious fics such as the “God Help Me” series,  to the multi-chaptered hot and spicy KA stories (my favourite’s “The Siren’s Song”) .

And yes,  there are those stories that you’d really want to kick Kogane’s arse for hitching his crankypants too high.  There are also the ones that you’d cry with Allura (*grabs tissues*)  and beat the crap out of Keith for breaking Allura’s heart sooo many times.

KA - DDP edited pic 1Her fanfiction are mostly based from the Voltron DDP universe that Dan Jolley created.

(Yes, that different Keith with a deceased fiancee named Beverly *argh* (pulls hair) *eye roll*)

-- sorry folks, I belong to the majority of KA fans who love KA 
from Voltron 80s cartoons (you know, the original version 
of Keith and Allura that started our love for KA?) 
oh, I love the Voltron Force Nicktoons KA version too. *wink*

KA - DDP edited pic 3

So, whatever fic you pick,  Mertzfics are totally amazing.

To our upcoming author (and hopefully one of the first from the Voltron fandom)

Happy 40th Birthday Mertz!


1.     Directions                                        17.   How I fell in love with Keith Kogane

2.    Masquerade                                     18.   Keith’s Surprise

3.    Consequences                                  19.   50 Shades KAEX Challenge

4.    God Help Me!                                  20.  Allura to the Rescue

5.    God Help Me! Part 2                      21.   Perfect Moment

6.    God Help Me! Part 3                      22.  Happy Valentine’s Day

7.    God Help Me! Part 4                      23.  KAEX Challenge : Spin Cycle

8.    God Help Me! Part 5                      24.  KAEX Challenge : Reverse Cycle

9.    Assassins                                          25.  Expectations

10.  Without a Memory                         26.  Bicycle Built for Two

11.   Snowed In                                        27.  Siren’s Song

12.  A Moment Alone                             28.  Magic Touch

13.  Xia’s KAEX Challenge                   29.   Unearthly Secrets

14.  Say What?                                        30.   Origins: A Legend Unfolds

15.  Seductive Interlude                        31.

16.  The Game


(comic art from Voltron DDP Vol 2, Issue 11)


In celebration of Voltron’s 30th Anniversary, this blog presents…

Top 5 Reasons



KA by Flora and FerrerikKeith and Allura Fanart by Flora (left) and Ferrerik (right)


1) Voltron’s GoLion version was aired between 1982-1984 and its popular opening music translated into Italian.

2) Classic 80s Voltron was aired in Italy in mid 80s.  (Princess Allura in Italian version was Principessa Aurora)

3 Fanfiction writer PeacockF from the Italy have written Voltron KeithAndAllura canon pairing stories both in English and Italian.

4) Beautiful Fanart by artists Ferrerik and Flora 

5) Italy had its own version of Voltron DVD of art cover  by Enrico Galli

KA by Enrico Galli


Thank you to Voltron Italian fans Sara, Ferrerik and Flora for all their inputs for this special blog post.


Bonds of Love

 2014-05-28 10.02.10

(fanart by DreamtimeDancer)

Long before Fanfiction.net and Archive Of Our Own were created,  #Voltron #KeithandAllura fanfiction writers posted their stories by either making their own fansites or posted their stories inside KAEX Yahoogroup.

Fanfiction writer KittyLynne wrote Bonds of Love inside KAEX Yahoogroup and began posting them on May 2000.  This beautiful story of Keith and Allura was one of the first epic-length fanfic stories to depict our favourite canon couple as a bonded pair.

Fanlore Wiki mentioned that bond is a favourite trope in fanfiction where a canon pair is considered soul mates with some kind of psychic connection.

In the 80s Voltron cartoon series,  Allura was able to hear Keith as far as planet Balto in episode 20 Pidge’s Home Planet.



We write this special post this week not only to greet KittyLynne a Happy Birthday this month of May,  we also want to thank one of our KA fans @kismatt who compiled Bonds of Love into an eBook format  which can be accessed inside one of kaex yahoogroup’s folders.

Since Bonds of Love, there are other fanfiction writers who have written Keith and Allura with psychic and telepathic bond,

Mertz’s Soul Mates and Happy Ever After: Sodalis Vitae

Xia Cheyenne’s trilogy  One Man’s Princess

DreamtimeDancer’s  Happily Ever After

cubbieBlueMako’s Fearless

Ringhuiniele’s Arus Eyes

KitLynneSkye’s The Guardian

Mylari’s Something About Timing-Something About Fate


KAEX #MothersDay Challenge

Thank you SunshineLeo for raising the next KAEX Yahoogroup challenge.
Open to all  #KeithandAllura fans, replies to the challenge can either be in FanFiction or fanart.
Suggested criteria include:
  1. Has to do with a mom (whether it’s Keith’s mom, Allura’s mom, Allura becoming a mom)
  2. Keith-and-Allura centric (obviously)
  3. Happily Ever After
  4. KA fanfic can be  one-off, stand-alone or muti-chapter, but all stories submitted must be complete.
Tweet or email your reply to the challenge fanfic / fanart weblink.  Deadline of replies to the kaex challenge is May 31, 2014
Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day!





Happy 1st Birthday Fan Blog

Almost completely forgetting that this blog turned one year old earlier this month, until a recent set of WordPress notifications reminded us about our blog stats:


Very happy to share that this little fan blog about a canon pair has been visited by at least forty countries throughout the year;  proof that #Voltron fans are all over the world.  And that is wonderful news for Voltron’s 30th Anniversary!


And to show our gratitude to our regular blog viewers and visitors, we would like to share an exclusive #KeithAndAllura gift art from Voltron / Robotech crossover comics artist Elmer Damaso.

2014-03-15 19.50.31

Looking forward to more happy journeys celebrating Voltron’s most loved couple #KeithAndAllura through fanfiction and fanart in all of Voltron‘s versions and reincarnations.


Today’s post is long overdue and as my way to make it up,  I write this post on her birthday (1st of March)

to a special #FanFiction writer and artist.

Happy Birthday Moira aka DreamtimeDancer on Fanfiction.Net  and  @DreamtimeDancer on Twitter.


The Voltron #KeithAndAllura fandom is very grateful and thankful for

creating / updating your fansite www.dreamtimedancer.com

which is a treasure trove of your fanfiction and fanart as well as others’ works.

Moira is one of the first few fanfiction KA writers who was able to write Keith and Allura in both 80’s Voltron universe as well as Voltron Force

Thank you so much for welcoming and supporting the newbies in the fandom!

Look Who’s Back!

Who would have thought that they would be back after 30 years?

In bright anime colours, original style #KeithAndAllura (that everyone grew up watching back in the 80’s in classic Voltron) are back thanks to Robotech / Voltron crossover comic book by Dynamite Comics.

Written by Tommy Yune and Art by Elmer Damaso, this mini-series of five issues delighted Voltron KA fans around the world, especially with a full page devoted to our favourite (canon pairing) couple.


This first issue was released on Christmas Eve 2013 and is currently available on Voltron e-store.

To know more about this unique crossover, visit @letsvoltron   and listen to  podcast no. 2

We are eagerly looking forward to Issue # 2  (release date February 2014).

And speaking of February – the month of love hearts (^o^) ,  visit our new blog page devoted to KA Valentine’s Day!


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